About Us:


NewStar Mortgage, Inc. is a licensed North Carolina Mortgage Broker. In October 1997, NewStar Mortgage, Inc. initiated its mortgage lending services in North Carolina with the opening of its corporate office at 6 Consultant Place, Durham, NC.

The company offers a full lending portfolio to include conventional, jumbo, fixed, ARM, FHA/VA, conforming, and non-conforming loan products.

NewStar Mortgage, Inc. is committed to providing unparalleled service toward meeting the needs of both customers and clients. The company utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology and software for powerful loan analysis scenarios. This intergrated computer technology gives the customer the benefit of same day loan decisions usually within a few hours.

The principal owners and management team at NewStar Mortgage, Inc. have over 75 years of combined experience in the real estate financial markets. With the experience and knowledge, NewStar Mortgage, Inc. has assembled a team of dedicated mortgage professionals whose only goal is to help the customer successfully close their transaction. In conclusion, NewStar Mortgage, Inc. specializes in custom building from a wide menu of competitively priced products and financing programs designed especially for the customer's needs.

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