With our calculators, you can quickly estimate your potential monthly payment, determine how much income you need to qualify, create a mortgage amortization schedule, and much more. Each calculator has an easy-to-understand set of instructions.

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Amortization Schedule: Estimate monthly principal and interest payments and mortgage balances for the term of your home loan.

APR: (Annual Percentage Rate) Calculate the actual APR for a loan, taking into account closing costs, points, and the quoted interest rate for the loan.

Effects of Prepayment: Calculate the effects of paying additional monthly principal against your loan.

Income Requirement: Calculate the income required to qualify for the home of your dreams.

Loan Length: Compare the amount of time it will take to pay off your loan with various monthly payment amounts.

Mortgage Payment: Calculate a monthly mortgage payment.

Payment Table: Compare the monthly mortgage payment for a range of interest rates and principal amounts.